Terms and conditions

With many years of experience and success working in the field, the enterprise Majasdarbs has developed its own unique system that allows to meeting the interests and needs of its clients on a professional level.

When making an order as well as during the completion of the paper, we kindly ask you to follow the following rules:

1. We do our work by following the methodical directions and the specific needs of a given client, therefore when ordering try to explain the necessary end result as clearly and thoroughly as possible.

2. If you have made a payment and then changed your mind and refused to get our services, the manager has the right to keep 35% of the transferred amount.

3. Additional payment will be required if after reviewing the work you want to make any additional changes that where not initially agreed upon.

4. In case of any errors regarding the initial conditions of an order, e.g. not following the methodical recommendations or meeting the necessary requirements, we will try and correct the work free of charge within 12 working days.

5. Twelve days after the work was written, all adjustments are made for a separate payment.

6. Corrections are made within 1-10 days, depending on the workloads of the specialist, who performed your work.

7. After receiving your order, read through the contents of the work carefully to make sure that it fully suits your needs and have a good understanding of it to achieve the maximum possible result when presenting.

8. After 60 days from the date of order’s execution, our team ceases to be responsible for the created work, because the material used in the work may be out of date, or the paper may have become available to a third party.

9. When 150 days expire after the order fulfillment, your paper will be placed in the archive of finished academic works www.academichelp.eu.

10. If your author’s work has become publicly available on the website mdarhivs.eu, but you have not submitted a refusal to publish your work before the completion of the order, the fee for removing it from the website will be 9.90 €.

11. By placing your order, you agree to follow the terms and conditions mentioned above.